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Polyurethane panel building systems used by Black Rhino Industries come with panels ranging from 1.5” to 3” thick with R values ranging from R9-R21.  The closed cell insulation keeps buildings and enclosures rodent and weather proof.  The panels can be ordered in various different colours to meet the customers needs.  Panels are lightweight and easy to work with making them a first choice for customers.  Panels can be ordered in lengths up to 17’ long.



Self Frame building systems are an interlocking panel with varying gauges of metal for walls and roofs.  Unlike polyurethane panels these panels can be made into whatever length the customer needs with no frame required.  Typical self frame buildings have R12 walls and R20 roofs and can also be ordered in a variety of different colours.


Our team of scaffolders at Black Rhino Industries are highly trained to ensure that all scaffolding projects are done on time and most importantly SAFELY and on budget.  We have done projects in the oil and gas industry, commercial construction and the mining industry.  For all your scaffold needs be sure to call Black Rhino Industries for your next scaffolding project.



At Black Rhino Industries we use different types of insulation depending on our customers needs.  Common types of insulation used are:

Mineral Wool – Commonly used, maximum service temperature of up to 1200 F

Fiberglass Insulation – Temperature ratings from 0 F to 850 F

Calcium Silicate – Exceptional structural strength with temp ratings up to 1200 F

Foam Glass – Common in cold piping applications with temperature ratings between -450F to 900 F

These different types of insulations are cladded in aluminum jacketing with an integrated moisture barrier.  Aluminum cladding is available in different thicknesses and finishes.  Other products used to clad piping are PVC jacketing and canvas.  Some examples of why people insulate are freeze protection, personnel protection and asset protection.